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یاسر شاہ چھا گئے!نیوزی لینڈ کے کھلاڑی راس ٹیلر کو کمال لیگ بریک کروا کر آؤٹ کر دیا۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Yasir Shah has given Pakistan two wickets in the first session here at Abu Dhabi. New Zealand won the toss in this opening test against Pakistan and elected to bat first. The wicket looks really good for batting and as a result the Kiwi skipper went on to bat first. Pakistan so far has bagged three wickets in the first session including that of Ross Taylor. Ross Taylor was taken behind the stumps by Sarfraz Ahmed. Yasir Shah bowled this one brilliantly to Ross Taylor. The Kiwi batsman was pushed into playing at this one and a little turn was enough from Yasir Shah to beat the bat and get a little feather on it. Sarfraz took this one with safe hands. Ross Taylor was the most important wicket in the first session. He has been in a good form and against Pakistan he has got a serious record as well. Ross Taylor averages the highest while playing against Pakistan so his wicket was the most important one for the Pakistan team.

Terrific as it may appear now, the put up-lunch session started out with Williamson and nicholls searching ever more relaxed. the run rate, which had mounted at a soporific 2.18 earlier than lunch, had picked up, and for the outlet half of-hour after lunch, the pair scored at over 4 runs in step with over. the pitch looked find it irresistible is probably pulling down out, and new zealand have been well on their way to recovering the damage of the first hour. it was after the pair had been disregarded that it have become transparent how difficult it was to get in in this pitch, and how clean to get out. new zealand lost seven wickets for forty two runs to fold meekly for 153, the catalyst for the carnage a thrilling burst from hasan ali that eliminated two in . and for all the class with which williamson and nicholls had batted, both their dismissals will rankle new zealand in the event that they emerge as at the dropping side. having fended off all of abbas’s deliveries that have been at or round off stump, nicholls lazily reached for one that become nicely outside, seeking to power it through the covers. a corpulent out of doors part carried to the keeper, and the softest of dismissals had broken a gutsy partnership.

The way williamson fell changed into hardly ever more sophisticated. hasan had possibly been the least powerful of pakistan’s bowlers this morning, so while he lower back for a spell within the afternoon, there wasn’t a reason for brand spanking new zealand’s satisfactory batsman to be cautious. whilst he banged one in short, it hardly spat up into the batsman’s face. but williamson tried to hook; he had enough time to duck, or indeed execute the shot better. a moderate tickle rather went to a diving sarfraz ahmed, and all of sudden new zealand’s decrease center order was inclined towards a buoyant pakistan. hasan made it  in two with a quick wicket-to-wicket delivery that smashed into colin de grandhomme’s pads, exposing ish sodhi in an unwelcomingly lengthy tail. it introduced into the sport haris sohail, who had begun to discover sharp turn, and the allrounder trapped sodhi and, extra consequentially, bj watling in the front to depart new zealand 8 down. bilal asif and yasir shah joint the last  wickets, the inexplicable depart from ajaz patel to a directly delivery that wrapped up the innings summing up a wretched middle consultation for new zealand.



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