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محمد شہزاد نے ٹی10لیگ میں چھکوں اور چوکوں کی برسات کر دی12گیندوں پر تیز ترین ففٹی !بولروں کا مار مار کربھڑکس نکال دیا

Mohammad Shahzad has hit a record in T10 league 2018. The Afghanistan wicket keeper batsman has scored the fastest fifty in the event in the opening game. Shahzad was able to hit 96 runs in just three overs. It was a carnage time from the Afghanistan wicket keeper batsman. At the other end McCullum was a nothing but a mere spectator who was watching this carnage here. Shahzad was hitting sixes in a series and this was the main reason that he was able to get these many runs. He was standing and delivering. Against Perrera he started the carnage though in the first over he did score a few boundaries but in the second over he hit a lot. Each and every ball in the second over went for a boundary. There were sixes hit and fours running all over and Shahzad was the one who was hitting these shots. There were a lot of runs scored from his bat and this was the reason that his team took down 96 runs in less than four overs here in the game. This was some quality batting from the Afghanistan batsman.

Mohammad Shahzad started his hitting with a six over the off side. Now this was a shot which must have surprised a lot of people. The ball was full and straight and this was not a bad ball at all. It was full and it hit a length on which most of the bowler escape from getting a boundary here. Shahzad was the one who we all know that can hit good balls for boundaries. He sliced this one and this was one of the perfect shots here from the right hander. The ball hit the middle of the bat and went flying on the off side. This shot went all the way for a six. This was the first maximum from the right hander. This was also the start of an innings which the fans would definitely remember for a long time. The shot was brilliant and it clearly showed that the batsman was in a good mood to slam a few. This was then followed by another massive hit here. This went over the leg side. Another ball and another huge six here from the batsman.

There was no doubt that Shahzad was on a roll here. He knew that he has to score runs because he too always want to hit sixes. McCullum was at the other end but there was no way Shahzad could have given him a chance to hit the shots. It was the Afghanistan batsman who was standing and delivering. There is no doubt that Shahzad is one of the best limited overs batsman. In the limited overs cricket he just wants to get in and hammer the ball hard and long. He is always there to smash the ball here and there. He is one of those batters who just cannot wait and let the bowler dominate. He is there to have fun and he always has it.



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