WATCH: Chris Lynn survives as bails remain intact despite ball hitting leg stump

There have been a number of instances in the IPL 2019 till now where the bails have not been dislodged despite the ball hitting the stumps and the latest one took place during the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals on Sunday. Chris Lynn got an inside edge and the ball clipped the leg stump but the bails were not dislodged.

Kulkarni could not believe his luck as the ball ran away for four byes and it was a huge reprieve for the Australia batsman. This was the second time in two days that the bails were not dislodged even after the ball hit the stumps. MS Dhoni almost produced an incredible piece of play to get rid of KL Rahul during Chennai Super Kings’ 22-run win over Kings XI Punjab on Saturday but was denied in the most unlikely manner.

During the 13th over, Rahul tried to steal a single on the fourth delivery from Ravindra Jadeja by defending the ball towards the leg side. Dhoni ran towards the ball quickly and flicked it towards the stumps in a blink of an eye. The ball connected with the stumps but the bails didn’t come off. Replays showed that Rahul was way out of his crease when the ball hit the stumps. The light went off as well but the bails stayed put.




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