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VIDEO : Bat slip From Dhoni, good catch, no-ball – All in one

Bumrah to Dhoni, no ball, Dhoni perishes. It’s very rare to see him miscuing but hang on! They are checking for the no-ball. It looks tight. Is Bumrah’s foot on the line? Oh yes, it’s been given a no-ball. Dhoni gets a lifeline.

Can you believe it? A pacy, full delivery on off, Dhoni takes it on the full and goes very hard at it. Thereby losing his grip and slices it to backward point. Ishan Kishan takes a smart catch – revese cupping it in front of face.

The Chepauk was muted for a brief while until they saw the replays on the giant screen – with Bumrah overstepping. Eish! How crucial is it going to be? Just to mention, as MS miscued it, his bat went for a toss into the on-side. Anyway, free-hit coming up.

Here is the clip of that video:



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