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Sarfraz broke his bat while hitting nothing

Sarfraz Ahmad just had his bat broken and well the reason s is unknown at the moment.  Those who are thinking he might have hit a lot and resulted in his bat breakage are wrong here. There was nothing hit from his bat because he just walked out in the middle.

His bat might have gone old or weak can be the only reason here. Sarfraz hit the ball on the off side and there it was. The cane was in his hand while the lower portion went flying in the air.

The thread was easily seen that is wrapped around the cane and is attached to the lower wooden half. Poor Sarfraz had no idea what just happened. He was staring at the cane left in his hand.

It was some interesting incident. Good to see some fun coming out from this game that had bashing and some more bashing in both the innings. Sarfraz now gets a new bat and the Pakistan wicket keeper has to fire with his new willow.

If Pakistan wants to win this game, it will be Sarfraz and Malik. The pair has to build a long partnership. In only that case Pakistan can make a strong come back.

At the moment the two teams are going head to head but Pakistan has lost too many wickets as compared to England.

Sarfraz is good in such moments. He is fast and plays his shots freely. If he can score some fast runs then Pakistan will get a close one here.



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