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From Kandy to being Son of Srilankan cricket

Kumar Sangakkara has finally said his last good byes to all formats of cricket. He retired in three different phases. First he ended up his T20 quest, later the ODI steak and at the end his test cricketing life. He surely is the son of Srilankan cricket.

In Srilanka there is a proverb used for the Kandy boys that they are super sharp. Kumar Sangakkara used all his inherited sharpness in cricket. Born in 1977, this Kandy boy always had a special place in his heart for cricket like any other Asian teenager.

So what made him special? It was his will and eagerness to infuriate his own self to reach among the stars of international cricket and be just like them but his fate to not to become a star, he became the sun shining many stars.

Sangakkara has been named the most stylish, complete and polished cricketer in modern day cricket. He is the most prudent batsman this world has ever seen. He dominated the ODI and Test rankings for many years.

Sanga had the class and gravity to stage his name on the big screen. Sanga always remained the top selling name in international cricket. His stats were enough to put his name among the best of the best. His composed nature and powerful mind never allowed him to take pressure of the game.

Sanga fought some intense battles and always came up triumphant. Sanga holds some serious records in both test and ODIs. He is the fastest international player to score 8000,9000,11000 and 12000 test runs. He has the second most number of double centuries to his name, 11.

Sanga and Jayawardene struck the longest and highest test partnership of 624 runs which is a world record. In a total he has scored 12400 in 134 matches with an average of 57.

In the ODIs he has scored a total of 14234 runs in 04 matches with an average of 41. He has the second most number of half centuries, 93. He is among the top 5 leading run scorers in the history of cricket, Sanga also is the only player to hit 4 consecutive ODI tons in a world cup.

Apart from batting Sanga also holds the most number of dismissals in international cricket. Looking at the numbers associated to Sanga in batting and wicket keeping it is easily presumable that he was born to make history in international cricket.

His 2011 MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey lecture at Lords was one another big achievement. Sanga was the youngest ever and only current international player to deliver it. It was one hour long and after he finished he took the Srilankan cricket by storm.

Sanga urged the government to look into the financial matters of Srilankan cricket board which was in the hands of a small number of people who were flushing all the investment in the most drastic way possible. Sanga said if these people are not stopped Srilankan cricket has no future.

Rising from being a local Kandy boy to son of Srilankan cricket was the fate of Sanga and this man always deemed his professional and personal ethics and code of cricket and personal life.



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