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10 Richest Cricketers of the World 2015

If the popularity of sports was to be measured in terms of its TV viewership, cricket would no doubt be ranked as the world’s 2nd most popular sport, followed by soccer. With millions of cricketing fans all across the world, the fact that a few countries around the world are still oblivious to cricket as a sport, let alone a popular one, is quite ironic. Nevertheless, stats tell an entirely different tale. They narrate a story of a sports that is not only the 2nd most watched sport around the world, but is frantically loved and followed in countries like Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, India and other member of the ICC.

Classic India vs Pakistan matches in cricket are equivalent to what Madrid vs Barcelona is to football. It attracts people who otherwise won’t even watch cricket to be glued to their screens. Cricket has it all, from your classic rivalries to a thrilling, equally calculated element of smarts and just the right dash of entertainment. And ever since the T20 format has been introduced, cricketing has turned ten times more entertaining and has hence attracted big bucks! This has had a direct effect on how much (more) the cricketers have been earning. Here is a list of the ten richest cricketer who commercialism has treated very well.

10) Yousuf Pathan:

yusuf pathan

The 6th Indian on the list, Yusuf Pathan is worth $26.5 million. In his last season alone he earned up to $3.7 million of which $350,000 came from his endorsements and $3.3 of his cricketing fee. He is a right handed batsman and a part time bowler who can also been seen playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL. Pepsi, Tata Indicom are among the few sponsors he can be seen endorsing.



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