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Tendulkar Warne All Star T20 series

November 2015 = Month of Cricket

November is deemed the month for cricketing fans as Sachin Tendulkar – Shane Warne ‘All-Star’ T20 series is all set to go. The T20 league is scheduled to be played in the United States right after the Major League Baseball season wraps, leaving three big-league baseball stadiums at Citi Field, Minute Maid Park (Houston) and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles for the cricketing giants to take on. They’d play in each stadium on November 7th, 11th and 14th respectively.

With at least two dozen of the celebrated cricket legends being a part of it, the All-Star T20 series has raised some serious expectations. Shane Warne speculates the returning of these cricketing legends on the pitch as something of an ‘epic’ moment. Clearly enthusiastic about his endeavor he said, “To make history in America playing these cricket games– myself and Sachin walking out and tossing the coin in New York at Citi Field will be a pretty epic moment,”


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Besides Warne and his league partner Tendulkar, numerous internationally known cricket stars are planned to be a part of this three-match event. Pakistan’s Wasim Akram, South Africa’s Jacques Kallis, England’s Michael Vaughan, West Indie’s Brian Lara and Sri Lanka Mahela Jayawardene are among the few names that you might soon see on the pitches of the USA.
The three baseball stadiums where games are expected to be played will be transformed specially into cricketing pitches to cater to the series. The elements required for the pitch are being crafted in Indianapolis and will be brought in from trucks soon. All this is being done under the supervision of a New Zealand based pitch specialist.

Ben Sturner, the CEO, commenting on the fast paced nature of this series said

“You’re not sitting there for a day or two. It is going to be a fast-paced event with a lot of runs.”

The idea behind the faces arranging this series is that to leave an impressions. Elaborating on this, former Indian captain, Sachin Tendulkar said “That’s what we are here for — to entertain people, to leave great memories behind and get them excited about some quality cricket,”

Kumar Balakrishnan, an officer from the Staten Island Cricket Club pitched in his few words and said, “They’re past their prime” talking about the once legendary players,” but for the old timers it will be fun to watch them”. In doing so he perhaps voiced the same thoughts as many cricketing fans around the globe might have. For people who watch and love cricket, just the mention of these names brings back memories of the best from the cricketing world. For them to be able to witness something of this caliber is something as Brian Bedol, a sports television executive and investor for the event said “ [as] if you had LeBron (James) and Michael Jordan doing a tour of Europe for the first time or Pele visiting the US in the 1970s”

With cricket being the 2nd most watched sports after football, this collaboration of the legends is surely to bring out a lot of hype!



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