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No decision made yet on Pakistan India series, Shaharyar Khan

Lahore: PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan has said that there has been no decision made yet over the Pakistan India series. Ball is in India’s court and hopefully their verdict will arrive tomorrow.


Shaharyar Khan was talking to the media alongside Waqar Younis. Shaharyar Khan said that BCCI is still waiting for the approval and at the moment the decision is pending with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moodi.

He also said that there is no issue on Pakistan’s end and hopefully we will get the news by tomorrow. Shaharyar Khan also said that Muhammad Amir will not be left alone. The board will do anything possible to smooth up his return to international cricket without any fuss.

Waqar Younis also looked confident defending Amir. He didn’t name him but covered him in a group of youngsters very intelligently.

So this is a major development. The decision regarding Pakistan India would be made in a couple of days and Muhammad Amir’s dream to get back into the international squad is getting stronger.



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