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10 most successful T20 captains

A team with world class players may be lethal, but a team of world class players with a world class “leader” will be the team to beat. No matter what format of the game of cricket, the captain’s influence is bigger than any other influence the players can have on the field of play. Ever since its advent in the world of cricket, the T20 format has taken over from the other two formats as the most entertaining and fast paced. In Test games and One Day Internationals, skippers have plenty of time to judge situations, but T20 matches require lightning fast decisions in every area of the game.

The top 10 most successful T20 captains in T20 Internationals are:

10) Faf Du Plessis (South Africa)


faf du plessis most successful t20 captains


Faf Du Plessis has jotted down his name as one of the most aggressive limited overs batsmen South African cricket has ever seen. However, his lethal abilities with the bat arent the only great aspects of him as a cricket, his leadership skills are also outstanding. Du Plessis is a super genius captain and a brilliant tactician. He has 13 T20 victories as South African skipper.



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