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Amla’s long resilience comes to an end

Hashim Amla finally fails to put his bat into a proper position against R Jadeja and lets him knock his off stump out. It was a long innings that will not be remembered for the number of runs he scored but the balls he faced.

It took Amla almost 50 balls to score his first single yesterday and today he was on 24 after facing 243 deliveries before Jadeja finally penetrated his defenses. This was a special ball by all standards. Jadeja had to work really hard against South Africa captain Hashim Amla and he finally get his reward.

Jadeja bowled that one going far onto the edge of the bowling crease and as the ball comes in the air, it hints an incoming movement but the moment it landed on the deck it spun away from Amla.

The spin on the ball was not a huge or vicious one but still it was enough to beat the edge of the bat and went on straight to hit the top of the off stump. It was a typical off spinner ideal bowled.

Amla’s long resilience came to an end. he fought hard as we all know that he is really lacking a batting form and there has been nothing much contributed from Amla in this series.

He has been the captain of the side and hence people expected scores from him which he failed to deliver. As for Jadeja another wicket under his belt, he had plenty of them in this series on tracks that assisted him nicely with his spin.



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