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Silver lining for US cricket

Since the suspension of the United States of America cricket association (USACA) from the annual ICC conference in June it appeared that as if the future of cricket in US will get darker and the performances made at a low level would remained unnoticed.

These thought were drained out yesterday from the minds of all the cricket loving Americans when the International cricket council (ICC) chief executive Dave Richardson made a tour to USA and had a long meeting with the stakeholders on cricket in the US.

A sum of 85 people were present in the meeting along with a few other ICC officials including the head of global development Tim Anderson. The sole purpose of the meeting was to clarify the suspension and looked briefly upon the problems and issues USACA is facing.

Dave Richardson who opened the proceedings first cleared the air from all the misconceptions the Americans stakeholders had in their minds. The suspension was made effective for some stiff and undeniable issues.

Dave said that cricket will flourish in America and for that he is here among the people who are supporting cricket in different parts of America. The selection for the stakeholders to be invited in this meeting was made by the ICC.

Dave further said that there have been great efforts put in by the people of US towards cricket and we know people here love and support this game but these efforts not highlighted the way they should have been.

This is the reason the ICC is here we want to meet the people who can make a difference. The stakeholders present here will let us know about all the major developments which are going on in cricket played here.

The objective is to make cricket structure more strong and counter all the basic problems. From junior development program to women cricket. The equipment and all the facilities are out primary targets. For this we need help from you people.

The stakeholders termed the meeting as very much successful. Judging to the overall atmosphere of the meeting and the attitudes of the people present it will surely move in the right direction for cricket in US.

Some important documentation has been handed over to each stakeholder present in the meeting and the ICC have asked them to complete a survey in their particular areas and find out the cricket structure mechanism and the problems they are facing in these areas.

There will also be fundraisers for this cause. We want to move forward with US cricket and for this we will make sure that we give our 100%, Dave ended up the meeting with these lines.



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