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Naveed, Humayun, and Khalil retire to play MCL 2016

Lahore: Pakistani test and International cricketers Rana Naveed Ul Hasan, Humayun Farhat and Mohammad Khalil have announced their retirement from international cricket. These players took this action to fulfill the NOC requirement to play the MCL 2016.

Naveed, Khalil, and Humayun met the PCB COO Subhan Ahmad on Wednesday and announced their official retirement from the game to join MCL. The players handed over their official statement to PCB. All three of them are part of the MCL starting in February.

Imran Farhat, Toufeeq Umar, and Mohammad Yousuf are likely to announce their retirement from international cricket in the near future. These test cricketers are also set to play MCL and hence would require an NOC. MCL officials made it compulsory.

MCL put a strict condition for the players to obtain an NOC from their respective boards before putting the kit. Hence, these Pakistani players are keen to announce their retirement to fulfill the NOC condition. PCB clearly stated a few days ago that the board will hand over the NOC to only those players who have or will announce their official retirement.

MCL is a good earning opportunity for these players. Not a single player from the above-mentioned names has been selected in PSL, so they have to say yes to MCL. Players like Toufeeq, Imran and Khalil showed some good form as well in the recent Quaid E Azam trophy. MCL picked these players. MCL management saw what PCB did not. MCL has a huge list of former players.

MCL is a league featuring retired players from international cricket. The purpose of putting MCL in was to entertain fans with their favorite ex-cricketers in T20 cricket. Most of these players took retire0emnt before T20 started in international cricket. MCL is an opportunity for these players, to show their abilities. MCL will be played in Dubai and Sharjah, starting on February 4.



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