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Test cricket is more challenging, Sikandar Raza

Zimbabwean test cricketer Sikandar Raza is a man of unique taste. Sikandar has captained the Zimbabwean side as well but then stepped back from the post after a few games. His involvement is the team is really high and wants to take the team forward with his batting abilities.

Taking to an international cricketing website, Sikandar shared a detailed account of his life and goals and how things changed in the past for him. Starting with the game he is playing for Zimbabwe, Sikandar said that playing international cricket is always a tough job.

It has been two years since Sikandar made his debut for the Zimbabwe cricket team. He feels that there is a lot more in international cricket and it takes you time to learn the trades of international cricket. International cricket is more demanding, but Sikandar is enjoying the challenges.

Sikandar said that in international cricket every second bowler clicks 140-145 kmph while in domestic you will not find this pace. He said that test cricket is always thrilling. It has a lot of varieties and as a batsman, it is the real test. Sikandar hoped to have a better test career just to make a name for his side.

Test cricket is a lot more demanding that ODIs and T20s. The pressure is always huge as compared to the short format cricket, Sikandar said. You have to play well enough to beat any side in test cricket, Sikandar said.

Talking about the famous win against India in a T20 game, Sikandar said that it is a great memory. Sikandar was made the captain of the side at the last minute and he had to alter a few changes in the side because of players going through injuries. Still Sikandar and his men fought well and clinched an unreal win.

Sikandar praised his team’s efforts on that day. Sikandar said that there was no pressure on his mind as he was never given much time to think. He just went in and tried to play as much positive as possible.

Sikandar said that the cricket was never a professional option for him. He wanted to be a fighter pilot as he has craziness for this field yet he did not make it to the Air Force. Sikandar said that he then thought of getting into software engineering, but that did not work out as well. In 2009, Sikandar started playing cricket and now is a professional cricketer.

Sikandar felt that it was his destiny to become a cricketer and play for Zimbabwe and believes that this is the best plan from the heavens. Talking about Pakistan, Sikandar said that he loves Pakistan and the people living in it. People in Pakistan love their cricket and it hurts to see their ground barren, Sikandar said.

Sikandar remained in Pakistan for some good number of years before moving abroad. However, Sikandar has many friends back in Pakistan who now are fighter pilots and some of them are even instructors now. Sikandar feels that a man is tied to his destiny. Sikandar was born to become a cricketer and he now is one.



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