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MCL under threat due to payment issues

Another payment issue in the hutch, this time, it is none other than MCL that has been haunted by the money game. Many MCL players, including some captains, have threatened to discontinue the league if their payments are not delivered in time.

As per the resources, MCL team owners had agreed with the players to transfer their contracted amount to their accounts as per a scheduled time frame. But now days have passed and still there is money pending on the behalf of the franchise.

Now the news is that MCL’s parent company, Grand Midwest Hotels has stepped forward to resolve this payment issue. Many of the players have been paid their scheduled amount by the Grand Midwest Hotels.

The remaining will get their amount today. As per the MCL management, they will sort out all the payment issues by the end of the day. But this surely has hurt the reputation of the league. In the past, we have seen that BPL was always in the news for late payments, but it seem MCL has joined it as well.



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