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19 International cricketers who were banned from cricket

Match Fixing, career destroyer!

In the game of cricket, match fixing refers to orchestrating a partially or fully pre-determined result. That accounts to direct violation of the rules of the game and of the law in general. Match fixing is present in every famous sport of the world, the football and cricket pairing falls victim most of the times.

Several match fixing cases have stormed cricket over the years, including spot fixing, betting and many other things that the law would deem dirty. Most of the times, the culprit parties are in the form of individuals, which may include staff, players and/or officials. In the last 15 years or so, several players have been approached to fix matches, get bribed or leak key information regarding any particular game. Match fixing has taken and takes place in both International and domestic cricket. All formats of the game fall victim to match fixing every now and then. While many events and incidents may go “not penalised”, the ones that do, display the wrath of cricket’s governing body.

The punishments are in the form of heavy fines and bans, which are to be imposed by the International Cricket Council(ICC), or the local boards related to the involved parties. The bans are inflicted based under the ICC Cricket Code of conduct.

The last 16 years have seen alot of cricketers banned for getting themselves involved in one or more forms of match fixing. Some were banned for a few years, while some had to hang up their boots for ever. Let us take a look at the 19 international cricketers who were banned during their careers:
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