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Cook dropped twice, Pakistan continues to fail

Pakistan may have many cherishing moments in the ongoing first test against England but they surely created a few murky ones for themselves as well. Cook reaches his 200 thanks to 12th man Fawad Ahmad and wicket keeper Sarfraz Ahmad.

Pakistan since yesterday desperately needs Cook’s wicket and when a couple of opportunities present themselves, the fielders made a mess on both the occasions.

First the substitute fielder, Fawad dropped cook at deep backward point. Cook swept Zulfiqar Babar on numerous of occasions since his arrival to the crease. None of the shot went aerial apart from this one.

This time when England was on 256, Cook edges one straight to Fawad and it was a pretty dolly to the cricketing standards. Fawad covered his ground pretty neatly but didn’t act the same with the catch.

The ball hit his hands and popped out. The first chance went begging. The second came this morning courtesy Wahab Riaz. He kept on bowling those in swingers to Cook and finally got an inside edge.

The catch went low to Sarfraz though it was a difficult take but such chances are meant to be taken in international cricket. Sarfraz had to bend down quite low to his right to get to the edge but he too failed in grabbing the ball.

This time England reached 300 after taking the single on the dropped chance. Pakistan failed to produce quality fielding in the first test. They looked lethargic.

The bowlers tried their best to get under the skin of their opposition but the fielders didn’t come up with any help.



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