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ایشیا کپ کے میچز میں پاکستانی ٹیم کو اسپیشل چیز پہننے کے لئے دی گئی یہ کیا چیز ہے اور اس کا کیا مقصد ہے۔ جانئے اس ویڈیو میں

Pakistan head coach Mickey Arthur is all about motivation. Since the time he has joined the Pakistan cricket team as head coach the performance graph of the Pakistan team is going up and up. The main reason is that Arthur has inducted strictness in the Pakistan team. There is no ...

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ویرات کوہلی اور بھارتی ٹیم کے بارے میں سوال کا فہیم اشرف نے ایسا جواب دیا کہ بھارتی صحافی لاجواب ہو گیا

Faheem Ashraf is one of the two all-rounders who play in the Pakistan cricket team at the moment. He is lucky to have been playing across all three formats at the moment. Faheem is part of the Pakistan team which has landed in the UAE for the Asia Cup and ...

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اس سال کی سب سے بہترین گیند!انگلش بولر عادل رشید نے بھارت بلے باز کو ایسی سپن گیند کروا کر بولڈ کیا کہ ہر طرف دھوم مچ گئی

When KL Rahul was batting with Pant in the center it looked as if India might make history at the Oval. The final day of the final test match and India was batting brilliantly in the form of KL Rahul and Pant. The couple scored a two hundred plus runs ...

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مصباح الحق نے نجم سیٹھی اور پی سی بی کا پول کھول دیا کرپشن ہی کرپشن!ایسی ویڈیو بنا دی سیٹھی منہ دکھانے قابل نہیں چھوڑا

Misbah Ul Haq the former Pakistani skipper is not happy with the arrangement for players at the LCCA ground. Misbah is currently playing the Quaid E Azam trophy 2018 for the SNGPL and he was present at the LCCA ground for a match few days back. First those who are ...

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بیٹے کو ٹیم میں شامل کرنے والی بات پر انضمام الحق برہم!راتوں رات ویڈیو پیغام جاری کر دیا۔جھوٹی خبر پر استعفیٰ دینے کا اشارہ دے دیا

Inzamam Ul Haq is a respectable name in Pakistan cricket. Former captain and one of the best middle order batsman is now currently working in the PCB as the chief selector. Now recently news were coming out that Inzamam Ul Haq has approached the junior team coach and has asked ...

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