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پاکستان اے کے خلاف پریکٹس میچ میں کرکٹ آسٹریلیا بڑے سانحہ سے با ل بال بچ گئی، دبئی میں جاری میچ کے دوران پاکستانی بلے باز بھی یا اللہ، یا اللہ پکار اُٹھا

Pakistan and Australia are all set to take on each other in a two match test series starting from 7th October. The two test matches will be played in UAE and hence at the moment Pakistan is favorite for the series. But at the same time Australia cannot be taken ...

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محمد عامر حسن علی کی چھٹی!نئے فاسٹ بولر نے خطرے کی گھنٹی بجا دی عمر صرف 15سال رفتار 150کلومیٹر سے زیادہ باؤنسر شعیب سے بھی خطرناک

Pakistan cricket is full of pace bowlers and some of them are young and very exciting to watch. Shaheen Shah is one of them and now a new kid is in the block. Naseem Shah is a young teenager who pace bowling has taken the social media like a storm. ...

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شاہین آفریدی اور جنید خان کی خطرناک بولنگ! بنگالی بلے بازوں کی وکٹوں کے پرخچے اُڑا دئیے۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Pakistan is at the top here at the moment. The real Pakistan team is back it seems. At the moment three wickets have been taken by the Pakistan team inside the first five overs here. Pakistan is definitely back in the game here. Junaid Khan and Shaheen Shah have picked ...

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طویل عرصے بعد ٹیم میں واپس آنے والے جنید خان نے زبردست گیند کروا کر بنگالی بلے باز کو آؤٹ کر دیا۔ویڈیو دیکھیں

Pakistan strikes right at the start of this all important game against Bangladesh. The winner of this game will go on to play India against the Indian team in the final of the Asia Cup 2018. Pakistan is bowling first after losing the toss and at the moment the two ...

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ٹی10لیگ کا دوسرا سیزن !ٹیم پختون کے اسکواڈ کا اعلان آفریدی کی کپتانی میں زیادہ تر پاکستانی اور افغان کھلاڑی

The second edition of the T10 league is just around the corner. The teams have been finalized and once again a lot of Pakistani and West Indian players are taken in by the franchises playing in the event. Just like last year the Pakhtoon team is the favorite most at ...

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بھارتی اینکر نے ایسا کیا کہا کہ شعیب اختر نے بھارتی چینل پر ہی بھارتی اینکر کی تاریخی چھترول کر دی۔ ویڈیو دیکھیں

The Indian media should keep in mind that there are still people in Pakistan who are not bothered about the money and can give befitting replies to them all the time. Shoaib Akhtar is one such Pakistan and at the moment the Pakistani nation will be feeling proud of him. ...

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