Arshad Khan ex-cricketer is a taxi driver now

How you all would imagine the life of a retired international cricketer, many will think of a big house, big car and a luxurious life style. A business of his own and having his family living together with him. Well this is not the case for all.

Remember Arshad Khan, the off spinner from Peshawar, Pakistan, he lives in Sydney now and is an Uber Taxi driver. Arshad who has played first class and then international cricket for Pakistan was a talented cricketer yet was unable to reach any fame.

A day ago a post on social media hit the cricket fans, especially Pakistan really hard on their sentiments. Ganesh Birla who lives in Sydney wrote it on his Facebook account with two pictures of Arshad. Ganesh met him in Sydney.

As per Ganesh he hired a taxi and Arshad was his driver. The two had a chat and Arshad told him that he was from Pakistan but now lives here in Sydney for many years and drives taxi to support his family. Ganesh didn’t recognize him first.

Ganesh said that Arshad was really nice to him. He offered him water and some eatable stuff as well. We talked about cricket and Arshad then told me that he has played cricket for Pakistan and also has travelled to India as well.

He played a number of matches in Hyderabad, India for his team Lahore Badshah in the ICL. Ganesh said then I recognized him and it was so much hard for me to imagine how Arshad was doing now. I could control my emotions at that time.

Arshad felt really uncomfortable while talking about cricket but at the same time his inner voices were even harder for him to control and he was talking in bits and pieces and when I recognized his face I felt a lot of pity on the guy.

Arshad played first ODI back in 1993 and got his test cap in 1997. In his tenure as an off spinner for Pakistan he played 9 test matches and 58 ODIs. Arshad bagged 32 wickets in test matches and 56 in the ODIs.

He was not a big turner of the ball but it was his runs containing line and length which helped him gain his wickets. Arshad had some tough competitors to beat in Pakistan cricket team to get a permanent place which he failed to do.

He was in the race against the likes of Saqlain Mushtaq, Mushtaq Ahmad and later Saeed Ajmal who were not only big turners of the cricket ball but also had some serious wicket taking variations which all helped them retaining their places in the side permanently.

Arshad kept on playing the domestic cricket since 2011 for the Quetta bears and after that he completely closed all his cricketing chapters and moved on with his life. It is not bad to do driving for earning at all.

In the past we have seen many international players doing jobs to earn money to support themselves and their families.



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