Asif Ali brilliant six against Stoinis

Asif Ali is definitely a good find for the Pakistan team. The middle order batter is a solid hitter and he has shown that he can bat under pressure as well. At the moment he is the only hope for Pakistan if this team wants to score something decent against the Australians. Asif has just belted Stoinis for a six which is definitely the biggest hit so far in the series. This one made the ball land outside the ground. The ball was a bit short and Asif hammered it out of the ground. This was a monstrous hit from the Pakistani batsman here. Pakistan needs to get something around 150 if they want to compete with Australia. There is no way possible for them to defeat a mediocre total because Australia has got some really good t20 batters in the side and they can chase any total for that matter. Pakistan has a good bowling line up but still even the bowlers need something to defend.

As for this hit it was brilliant. The ball was not that much short. It was neither full not that much short. Asif had the time to rock back onto his back foot and then hammered this one. He is a powerful hitter and we have seen that in his batting as well. He has got the muscles to clear the boundaries easily. He has hit two sixes so far and both of them were massive hits for that matter. Pakistan needs a batter like him in the middle order especially in t20. There was no genuine hitter in the Pakistani middle line up and now they have got one and he is performing with the bat as well. Asif must have that run out in his mind as well which saw Shoaib Malik perished from the wicket.

Now what score should Pakistan make in order to get themselves back in the game. There is no doubt that Pakistan will not be able to make a huge t20 total here in this game. They lost wickets at early interval of the game and hence their chances to make it bog faded at that point. Now they will be looking for a total which the bowlers can defend. Something close to 150 would be nice but even making 150 will not be easy for the Pakistani batters. It will need a huge effort from the remaining batters from Pakistan to reach out 150 runs on the board. Keep in mind that all the major batters from this side are gone back to the dressing room and now only the all-rounders are left in to play. So the Pakistani team will have issues in batting in the remaining overs in the game.



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