Azhar Ali completely clowned

Pakistan after tea has amazed the audience to the extent and all of the entertainment rose to some new levels in the post tea session. It started with Azhar Ali who lost the ball in the air and absolutely made a clown out of himself.

It was bell who was dropped at that point. It was not a catch yet could have been made into one if Azhar had spotted the ball. Zulfiqar Babar, the bowler tossed a flighted one ot Bell whom he hit on the off side from the middle of his bat.

The ball hit the left thigh of Azhar Ali and scooped up in the air towards point area. Azhar heard his mates shouting for a catch and he just started looking aimlessly towards the skies positioning his hands for a catch.

Azhar absolutely had no idea where the call was. The Pakistani fielders failed to reach the ball and none of them even shouted the location of the ball to make things easy for Azhar.

Poor lad was completely baffled and he was seen arguing with his team mates that someone should have told him about the location of the ball.

Ian Both and Michael Atherton had huge laughs at the incident and so did the Pakistan players. Misbah was seen laughing at Azhar while Zulfiqar put his head down on Azhar’s bent back.

Good to see some humor coming out from a tense encounter. Both Pakistan and England are sweating with pressure and at the moment, the game is still hanging in the balance.



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