Bahria Town ready to build Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium

Bahria Town made a huge announcement in regards to the return of cricket to Pakistan when the plan of building Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium in Karachi was made. Now the news is that the architectural design of the stadium has been completed and construction will begin soon.

Property tycoon and head of the Bahria Town Malik Riaz announced this project at the start of this year and then Bahria Town signed a contract with the German architecture firm, GMP Architects. This is the same firm who has to build a cricket stadium in Dubai sports city as well.

Now, as the blueprint of Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium has been completed, soon the construction phase will start. This stadium will have the capacity of seating 50,000 people. Karachi is a big city and hence, the seating capacity has been made on a large scale.

Bahria Town and GMP Architects have kept in mind all the ICC standards before developing this design. This will be a three level cricket stadium. As a whole it will be a complete complex with the international standard cricket academy, swimming pool and hostels.

Bahria Town and GMP Architects are making sure that there is not a single loophole left in the design and as for the construction mechanism, Bahria Town surely knows all the depths in this field.



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