Disabled cricketer from Pakistan batting heroics

Pakistan is surely a blessed part of the world when it comes to breeding cricketing talent. The country has given the world of cricket some huge names and these names have hit some massive records in the world of cricket with both bat and ball. There is a long list of players who emerged from Pakistan and made a name for themselves and for their country. We are talking about a place that has given names like Imran Khan, Hanif Mohammad, Abdul Qadir, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and on top of all of these the great Imran Khan. They are all some readable stories in the world of cricket. They are massive names and they have all got huge contributions to cricket. This is why in the world of cricket Pakistan holds a very respectable name.

When it comes to playing cricket you have to be fit in order to compete but sometimes even the passion within you takes you to a cricketing ground despite having some major deformity. This is the exactly the case here. We see a disabled boy who has issues with his legs most probably an aftermath of Polio disease playing cricket here. Now he cannot run and field which is understandable but he can bat with a runner. We see him batting and it is stunning to see him hitting shots. The first ball he faces he easily defends it on the off side. The ball was short and on the off side and this boy easily puts it away on the off side. It was a defensive push. The best thing about this shot was that he was totally behind the line of the ball and managed it really well.

The next ball was pulled on the leg side. This time this kid hits the ball with power. The ball was again short but as it was directed towards the body so the batter here got the time to hit it on the leg side. The ball went deep and as there was a fielder present there so it could not cross the fence. The world is surely full of surprises. The kid bats like a normal batsman. He is hitting his shots to all parts of the park. He looks really good with the bat on both off and leg side. He defends the ball really well. One can clearly see that he did not let his deformity take away the love of the game and even playing it as well. The kid is wearing a shirt with number 10 printed on the back of it and this shows us all that he is a big Shahid Afridi fan. Afridi is a local hero here and the young lot follows him.



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