Fakhar Zaman power hitting against Zimbabwe

Fakhar Zaman once again comes to aid Pakistan with the bat. The Pakistani opener hit 47 runs in the ongoing game against Zimbabwe. Pakistan because of his brilliant innings are in for a good chase. Fakhar has enjoyed batting in the tri nation series so far. Fakhar hit the ball nicely. Once again he did not take much time in the middle and straight away he started hammering the ball on both sides of the wicket. The ball was there to be hit most of the time for him. He attacked the spinners which he has done before as well. Fakhar is definitely a really good induction in the Pakistan team. He is an attacking batsman and he has been performing really well in the team since he made his limited overs debut. The Pakistan team will be looking to win this game and seal a spot in the finals.

Fakhar Zaman started with an outside edge that went in between the point and short third man fielder. Spinner was operating and as a result the field was inside the circlet. Also it was the power play hence the fielders were inside the ring and Fakhar was lucky that the ball went into the gap and in no time it went over the fence. The fielder made a desperate effort but could not save the boundary. The next ball was hammered towards the leg side and once again the ball went into the gap and for a four. This was another massive hit from Fakhar. There is one thing certain about Fakhar that when he hits the ball he hits them hard and makes sure they go to the fence. Sometimes he is success and sometimes he is not. The next shot from him was a huge six straight down the ground. This was a beauty from Fakhar Zaman.

The ball was given some flight and Fakhar used his feet perfectly to reach to the pitch of the ball. He did not let the ball spin and took it right to the middle of his big bat. The ball made a cracking sound after being hit on the bat and six it was the moment the ball left the bat. Fakhar Zaman was making sure that he hits the ball with all the strength. Pakistan currently is going in the right direction. There are still batters in the Pakistan team who can come and hit the ball and take the pressure off the batting. The win in this game will take Pakistan into the finals and they will be facing Australia. The last two matches in the event will be crucial for Pakistan. Both will be against the Australians who thrashed them in the first match. More exciting cricket coming from this event.



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