Gayle chickened by Saeed Ajmal

Saeed Ajmal was a master class when it comes to spin bowling but then the 15 degree bend ruined his career. At the moment the spin king is not a part of the Pakistan team in any format and it is sad to see him sitting away from cricket.

Ajmal has been a maestro when it comes to spin bowling and the variations. His Dosra was almost unplayable one. Not only used to spin it a lot but also he had a complete control over it with the pace, line and length.

He bowled Chris Gayle with a dosra in 2013 Champion’s trophy and it was a majestic delivery. Gayle was on 39 and well settled yet Ajmal deceived him completely with this one.

It was Dosra bowled with a lot of flight. Now here Gayle thought of it as a regular off spinner. He moved his front foot and went for a big cover drive on the off side.


The ball hit the perfect spot and sun the other way. Gayle was already into his shot so there was no reverse gear in it. The ball went in between the bat and pad and crushed the timber behind Chris Gayle.

Gayle was clearly frustrated on his shot but there was nothing he could do about it. Ajmal had outdone him with a ripper. Pakistan lost the match but this ball remained the best of the best.

West Indies were able to coup at the end and win the game with just 2 wickets. Pakistan fought hard but remained unlucky.



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