Imran Khan speaks in favor of Pakistan India cricket series

Islamabad: Former Pakistan skipper and legendary all-rounder Imran Khan has spoken in favor of Pakistan India cricket ties and wants to see both the teams playing each other in near future.

Imran Khan while talking to the media said that there should be cricket played among the two neighbors. He said that this is for the betterment and future of cricket in both countries.

Imran said that playing each other will groom the youngsters a lot. He said that pressure games are the real test of any players. One who handles the pressure always wins.

Imran if India and Pakistan wants to groom their cricket then they will have to play against each other. The young lot will experience new cricketing criteria and situations while playing against each other.

Imran said that there is no place for politics in cricket or in any other sports. He said that indulgence of politics in cricket means there will be no cricket played between Pakistan and India because of their political tensions.



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