India Officially Crowned No 1 in Tests

Apart from getting all the appreciations and claps on winning the third and final test. Team India has also taken its top test position back from Pakistan. India once again is the number one test team in the world. The whitewash against New Zealand worked.

Earlier, after India completed their tour against West India. It was Pakistan, which became the number one test side as the final test between India and West Indies ended up as a draw. Had India won that then Pakistan could not have become the Golden Mace holders.

But now the mace is back into the Indian hands. India completed a whitewash against the hosts New Zealand. It was a shame to see New Zealand not winning or even draw a test match. They are one of the best sides in the world.

The third and final test ended up in Indore. Former Indian captain and ICC Hall of Fame, Sunil Gavaskar was there to present the Indian captain the Golden Mace. It was a huge moment for the Indian test skipper Virat Kohli.

India already topped the rankings after their win against New Zealand in the second test at Kolkata. But as per the ICC rules, the test rankings are only altered after a series finishes. So the 321 runs win over the New Zealand just doubled the happiness and celebrations.

Kohli after receiving the Golden Mace said that he was more than delighted to hold it. He credited his team for the wins saying that the boys made it come true. He said that he is glad that India is playing some good quality cricket for the past many years now.

Virat Kohli is the second Indian test captain after MS Dhoni to receive this Golden Mace. Overall, he is the 10th international test skipper to receive this honor. This is the third time since Kohli took over as the Indian test captain that his side has become number one test team in the world. There were a lot of celebrations seen when the players held the mace in their hands. This is a good strong unit. The only question remains, would they be still this strong in their future foreign tours? We all know India has not done well outside Asia in test format. We can hope that this team wins outside Asia. That will be the real deal from Virat Kohli and his men.



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