Everything you need to know about IPL 2018 mid-season transfer policy

ipl 2018 mid season transfer

Indian Premier League, or the IPL which completed its 10 years earlier this year has a big role was in shaping cricket in a much lucrative and attractive manner. But even though it became such a turning point in cricket history, it was was inspired by the EPL.

IPL with time, has attained stratospheric heights. recently this year, Star India bagged the broadcasting rights for a mind-boggling Rs. 16,347 Crore INR for the next five years.

IPL mid-season transfer

The latest news coming from the IPL is that all the teams involved have responded positively towards the newly introduced mid-season transfer policy. This transfer policy works like football clubs and here is what you need to know.

In simple words: Mid-season transfer allows the team management to buy or sell players from other teams during the course of the tournament. In most of the Football leagues, this transfer period comes after all the teams have completed 50% of their matches.

If IPL implies the same method, the windows will open after the the League has completed 30 matches or after each team has played a minimum of 7 matches. A cricketer who is not exactly fitting into the plans of his present team can move forward to another team.

Before releasing a player and allowing him to join another team, a team has to be explicitly sure. They have to consider the backups they have and only when they believe a particular transfer will not disturb their plan going forward, they must proceed.

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