Latest ICC ODI bowlers ranking 2018

The latest edition of the ICC bowling rankings are out. As expected the current inform bowlers from all the teams are a part of this ranking. There are a lot of spinners in the top ten list as well which shows once again that spinners are dominating as well in the 50 overs format. Pakistani pace bowler Hasan Ali has not been performing up to the mark and hence his rankings are going down. Imran Tahir is at number ten in this list. The South African leg spinner is not playing ODI cricket regularly for the South African side but surely he is maintaining his performances well enough to make sure that he remains a part of the best ten bowlers from the world as per this ranking. Adil Rashid the English leg spinner is there in this list as well. This is a surprising element because England does not play too much on spinning tracks inside their own country. So for Adil getting into the best ten bowlers is a huge achievement. He is a decent bowler who always gives his best.

Now the main issue is coming with Hasan Ali. His ranking is 6 at this moment. Now long ago he was the number one bowler in the world of cricket. He was bowling with a good pace. He was taking wickets as well. The best part was that in the middle overs Hasan Ali was giving that dominancy to the Pakistan team which was resulting in a good number of wins for the Pakistan team. He used to take two three wickets in those middle overs and those breakthroughs always put the oppositions in pressure. Now this is not happening. In the Asia Cup it did not happen at all and as a result Pakistan who was supposed to be a favorite for the event could only won its matches against Honk Kong and Afghanistan. In fact against Afghanistan it was a really close match and could have gone either side. So that win was not a conclusive win at all. The performance level of Hasan Ali is down and this has been a problem for Pakistan.

Every time a young talent comes into this Pakistani side that player gives his best at the start of his career. By the time he gets an idea that now his place is permanent in the Pakistan team this talent stops working hard and as a result the performance level goes down immediately. Same is the issue with Hasan Ali and Mohammad Amir as well. Mohammad Amir is not even in the ten best bowlers in the world at the moment. Hasan Ali has to improve his performances. Against good sides he was bowling really well in the past but now even against weak sides he is not up to the mark. He has to be like Bumrah who is currently the number one ODI bowler in the world because he has been bowling really well for a good span of time.



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