Malik shines under pressure

The stage was set and the most anticipated series was about to start. The Bangalore stadium was jam packed and everywhere there were just human heads. The first T20 match was about to be get started between two arch rivals Pakistan and India.

Hafeez won the toss and put India bat first. The trick worked for the Pakistan captain as his team get under the Indian batsmen’s skin pretty early and nailed them down.

The openers did a decent job for India but after Pakistan dismissed them the bowlers ran over the rest of the batting unit and dismantled them completely. Pakistan outclassed India for just 133 runs which made the Indian crowd go silent.

Pakistan when came into bat, they too went under the grinder. The opener went out early and so did Umer Akmal. Hafeez stayed on the wicket and stroked some lovely shots. Shoaib Malik did a great job giving his captain a resting shoulder.

The match down to the wire and it all came to the last six balls. Pakistan needed 10 runs to win and for India R Jadeja had to save those runs. Jadeja was able restrict the Pakistan batsmen into only taking singles and not hitting for a big one.

However it was Shoaib Malik who had out him out of the equation with one meaty blow. Jadeja bowled a faster one outside the off stump of Malik and he whacked it straight over his head for a maximum one.

It was a tremendous shot under pressure as everything was on the line from both the teams. A fantastic win for Pakistan it was after so many years.

Imagine 10 runs needed in the last over of a T20 innings between India and Pakistan. What would have been the players thinking inside their heads. The pressure and the sweats pouring out and tense faces all over.

This game was played in 2012-13 when Pakistan toured their arched rivals India. It was the first encounter of the series and Pakistan put India to bat on a wicket which Hafeez thought would help his bowlers in the first innings.

The Indian openers did a great job and gave a concrete start to the Indian innings but once they got out the Pakistani bowlers came back strongly and didn’t let any other batsmen get settle.

The whole Indian team got out for 133 runs. It looked an easy hob for the Pakistani batsmen but once they went out in the middle they too get into a lot of troubles.

Both the openers and Umer Akmal went out within no time and Pakistan went right on the back foot. Hafeez and Malik started building a partnership and especially Malik took his innings till the end of the game.

The game was getting tensed with each over being bowled. In the final over Pakistan needed 10 runs to win against the left arm Jadeja.

The initial few balls of the over ended up giving just singles. The commentators pointed out at Malik that if it is not him then it is definitely not Pakistan. Malik needed one ball to seal the game and he got his ball from Jadeja.

A fuller length ball outside the off stump of Malik was a perfect opportunity presented by Jadeja and Malik grabbed it with both his arm. A solid hit from the middle of the bat and the ball went straight and flat down over the ropes for a six.



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