Mir Hamza six wickets in Quaid Azam Trophy 2018 match

The left arm fast bowler Mir Hamza is definitely a bowler to watch out for. The left arm pacer is currently playing the Quaid E Azam trophy 2018 and so far he has been bowling exceptionally well in the event. He bagged six wickets in the previous innings and thus this has made him the highest wicket taker in the event at this very moment. His spell of bowling was a sheer delight to watch. There was this new ball in his hand and he literally made the ball talk. The batting opposition could not stand against some quality bowling from Hamza. He moved the ball in the air and off the seam. Now this is something which not any pace bowler can do. You have to be really good in order to move the ball both in the air and off the wicket and thus this was the biggest reason that Hamza was able to snap six wickets. It was a wonderful bowling performance from the young man. He is looking to be the best in the event this year.

The first wicket for Hamza came out as a bowled. This was a beautiful inswinger and the batsman failed to counter this one. The tall batsman never got the time to bent down and reach to the line and length of the ball. Also he was slow in reacting to this ball. It seems that he first thought that the ball will go outside the off stump which it would have if it had not swung back. The ball was pitched on the off stump line and the natural angle was taking it away from the batsman. But then as the ball hit the wicket and came back the batsman got late in getting his bat to the ball. As a result the ball went in between the gap he created between his bat and pads and hit the stumps down. The next batsman got out to an outswinger as he nicked it to the wicket keeper.

This was another beauty from Hamza. This time the ball was pitched a bit short. The ball again moved away from the batsman after hitting the deck. The seam movement clearly was suggesting that Hamza intentionally bowled an outswinger and hence he was able to get that movement away from the batsman as well. The ball kissed the outside half of the bat and the wicket keeper took the catch over his head. The bounce on this ball was really good. Even the wicket keeper had to catch the outside edge of the bat over his head. Then came another wicket this time another outside edge from the batsman and once again the wicket keeper caught the ball. The out swingers from Hamza was taking the edges and the wicket keeper and slip fielders were having some good catching practice. Hamza is definitely a good bowler and should be given a chance at the international levels to represent Pakistan.



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