Mohammad Asif gets five wickets in domestic match

Mohammad Asif is back into the domestic cricket. For some days he was not seen in action but now the pace bowler is back and he has done well in the first game that he has played after a while. A five wicket haul for Asif was the top story from this match. The PTV batting line had nothing to offer against the bowling of Asif. They were taken down in no time by the pace bowler. Asif picked up important wickets at the start and that put the PTV team in pressure. The line and length from Asif was brilliant and over the years we have seen that Asif surely bowls with a very decent line and length. He is definitely close to being Glenn McGrath, the former Australian pace bowler. Asif knows where to deliver the ball against which batsman. This is the reason he takes so many wickets that he bowls at one line and length and does not deviate much. The batsman at one point gets an adrenal rush and plays a rash shot against Asif and throws away his wicket.

The first batsman got out in the slip. Asif bowled an outswinger and the batsman did not read the swing properly. He was not behind the line of the ball and as a result the ball hit the edge of the bat and went towards the slip. The catch was taken with ease. It came towards the fielder at a comfortable height and there it was. The first wicket for the pace bowler. The second batsman was out caught at point. Once again Asif bowled an outswinger here. Now the batsman played the ball away from his body. In such shots hardly a batsman keeps the ball on the ground. This is always risky and hence it has been taught to young players that they should not play a ball away from the body. Here the batsman played one shot and looped the ball straight towards the point fielder. The catch was taken and Asif bagged his second wicket here.

The next batsman was out bowled by Asif. This was an indipper from Asif. The batsman could not get to the line of the ball. There was a gap present between his bat and pad and Asif made the ball pass into this gap and hit the stumps down. The next batsman played a rash shot. He was down the track trying to hit Asif for a big shot. Now a bowler like Asif cannot be hit that easily for big shots. He has got loads of talent and as a result he took this wicket as well. The fifth wicket was another bowled out for Asif. This was another excellent spell of fast bowling from Asif. He has been working well in the bowling department inside multiple teams in Pakistan domestic cricket but is chances are low to get a place in the Pakistan team. He is now a tale of the past it seems.



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