Mohammad Hafeez media talk today 5 Sep 2018

Former Pakistani skipper and senior all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez is not going anywhere. He is positive and confidence that despite him being dropped from the Asia Cup team, he will focus on his fitness and performance. Hafeez grilled the media as well for spreading fake news with his name. Hafeez today held a press conference at Lahore. The all-rounder was hearing a lot of fake news airing through different media channels. The statements were false as well regarding his retirement and not being happy with the current Pakistan cricket set up. Hafeez had to step forward and tell the media the actual facts. Hafeez has clearly rejected out any possibility of taking an early retirement. He said that he is fit and can play more for Pakistan. His focus is on both his batting and bowling. He will make sure that he performs in the domestic cricket and then again makes his way back to the Pakistan cricket team.

Hafeez said first he will move straight into the Quaid E Azam trophy. He will play the whole tournament and will concentrate more on his batting and bowling. The Quaid E Azam trophy is a good platform for him to prove to the selectors that he still has got the fitness and performances to play for Pakistan. He is not taking retirement at all. All the news spreading out that he has decided to take an early retirement are all fake and his fans should not put ears to such fake news. Hafeez also said that there is no dispute between him and the team management. He is happy with the current setup of Pakistan team management and also with the selectors. His performances were there but still if he has been dropped then it is something which should not be a problem for him. Players do get in and out of the team and this is a whole process. The players should always focus on themselves and their cricketing abilities.

In the past we heard some strange news regarding Hafeez. Now as a cricket fan believing those news was a hard thing because Hafeez has a very smooth and soft kind of a personality. He is one of those people who do not have any negative or harmful intentions. It was said in the past that Hafeez has issues with Mickey Arthur and this Mickey was the one who put Hafeez out of the Pakistan team. Hafeez is having issues with the PCB as well. But Hafeez has now clarified all this that all these news were not true. He did not talk about Mickey to anyone. He is the coach of the Pakistan team and Hafeez respects his coach. Hafeez did the right thing by holding a press conference and letting people know the real truth about his exit from the Pakistan team. Now he has to focus on the Quaid E Azam trophy and make sure that he performs in this event and get back into the national side.



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