Most dangerous fights in cricket

Cricket is a game in which there are a lot of emotions attached and sometimes these emotions take over the rational thinking as well. Like all the other sports cricket too has got a lot of fans and also a lot of pride. There comes times when cricketers fight with each other as well. The reason for this fight is the hunger to win the game. When you are putting in everything and every emotion then all you aim for is win and in that you don’t care much about the opponents. That is the part of cricket where sledging and other negative gesture come in. We have seen cricketers fighting in many games. Many of them were too bizarre. There were some which were sorted out quickly on the field but then there were some which remained in the hearts of the players for a long time and even now they exist as well. The ugliest of them all was the one between Pollard and Starc in the IPL.

Pollard we all remember even got so much mad that he threw his big heavy bat at the Australia. Starc was lucky that the bat slipped out and fell right near the batsman Pollard. If the bat would have hit the Australian he might have seen a career threatening injury and Pollard would have been out of the game for good. That was one of the worst fight that we have seen in cricket. Then there was the kick on the back of Javed Miandad by Denise Lillie. That too was very offensive act from the Australian fast bowler. The interesting part about these fights is that most of the time the Australians were involved in them and after them the Pakistani and Indian players going against each other. This shows that these players are pretty much emotional about the game itself.

Australians we all know have this talent of sledging and no one can beat them in this field. The Pakistan and Indian players have got national history against each other and hence they are always onto each other. Though there are many players from the two neighbors who never sledged against each other which is a good thing. There are the West Indians who we all know ruled the world of cricket for many years. Now they have a downfall but still the West Indians are pretty much strong in making comebacks in the field of cricket fights or sledging. Mostly we see players not getting physical because the ICC is very strict on such actions. The ICC has clearly mentioned that such acts will not be tolerated and we have seen heavy fines put on the players who misbehaved in the ground from any team.



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