Pakistan New Zealand best thriller in recent times

Pakistan and New Zealand both have played some quality cricket against each other. The two sides are known for their competitiveness in cricket fields. This t20 match is definitely one of the best which the two sides have played. Till the final over the game was evenly balanced. Pakistan had the best bowling line up while the kiwis had the best batters. New Zealand was chasing a good total and Pakistan was trying its best to not let that happen. Now the game was putting pressure on both the teams and it was evident in the field as well. Pakistan in the final two overs had Ajmal. He bowled the second last over which was a really good one. The New Zealand tried their best to achieve the runs. They had the wickets in hand as well but full marks to the Pakistan team who did not let the happen at the end.

Saeed Ajmal bowled a magnificent over and that was the turning point of the game after Pakistan won. He did not concede a boundary in that over and ensured that the last bowler gets enough runs to defend. Now there is no doubt that Saeed Ajmal was the bowler captains used to look at when they needed a wicket or bowl a crucial over. In his entire career there is one instance when Saeed failed to produce some magic and that was back in 2010 world t20 in the semifinal against Australia. Pakistan almost had the match in its hands but then Hussey hit Ajmal for more than 20 runs and took the game away. Saeed Ajmal was lost in that over. He could not produce anything for Pakistan. He tried his best but it was Hussey’s day and he was hitting everything out of the park. Pakistan lost the game and Australia became the winners of that game.

Now here Saeed Ajmal bowled a good over and the last one was to be bowled by Umar Gul. Now pressure came straight away to Umar Gul and Pakistan team when he was hit for a six over long off by Styris. Umar Gul bowled a length ball and in these circumstances length balls are mostly boundary balls. Styris whacked this one form the middle of the bat and the ball went a long way into the second tier in the stands. Now the runs were looking manageable and also there were five balls left to be bowled. But then Umar Gul made a strong comeback and bowled the next five balls without conceding another boundary. New Zealand needed another boundary to win the match but Umar Gul denied that. It was a fantastic win for the Pakistan team. New Zealand had the game in their hands but then Pakistan bowling did its best and snatched that win.



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