Pakistan strikes against Guptill, big run out

Pakistan has caught the big fish. Guptill is run out as, both he and Williamson were standing outside the bowling crease having no idea what was going on. It was a late call from Guptill and Williamson did not have the time to respond to it and go back.

Williamson hits the ball on the off side. He played the shot by going on his back foot and there was no way he could have beat Afridi who was at covers. There was a lot of time taken by Williamson here and this is why Guptill thought it was not wise to scamper for a single.

He refused to go with Williamson but by that time he called for a no Williamson was already near his crease. Afridi fielded the ball, he had the time to look where he needs to hit and he threw the ball straight to Imad the bowler.

Imad collected the ball and broke the stumps with Guptill and Willaimson both were out of their crease. Pakistan gets the first breakthrough. They will have to pick up the key wickets. This will be the key to success. New Zealand has a very strong batting line and it goes deep in their playing eleven.

Pakistan will have to remain a charge because if they gave any loophole in their bowling, the kiwis will be onto them in a flash. We all know how they play their cricket. Guptill should be the start for Pakistan and then on to their next target.



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