Pathans fighting for the ball after Yasir belted one towards them

You just cannot stop a Pathan from enjoying himself. When a Pathan is in his mode then there is no one who can take his pleasures away from him. Thankfully the ones fighting for the ball hit by Yasir Shah threw it back easily.

This funny incident happened in today’s game when Yasir belted Willey for a superb six. It was possible the best shot from the whole Pakistan innings. the leg spinner calculate the slow ball early from Willey and hit it from the middle of his bat.

The bat made a cracking sound and made the sail over the leg side fence. Yasir might knew his tribesmen are sitting in that particular corner. Once the ball landed on the ground, Pathans sitting there went for it.

One of them grasped the ball and the others started pulling him in to get their hands on the ball or at least gets a rub. The boy holding the ball didn’t let anyone touch the ball. He was running away from all others and then he started kissing the ball.

Now that is love and emotions the fans have for their heroes. The ball was then thrown into the playing area by the same guy. The commentators laughed about the whole incident.

But one thing is for sure the Pakistani fans are passionate about their cricket. The way they landed sprinted towards the ball and after one held it in his hand and kissed it clearly shows that they respect their hits as well.



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