PCB headquarters to be moved to Islamabad

pcb headquarters


From Lahore to Islamabad?

A resolution is reported to have been passed in the senate, which proposes the shifting of the PCB’s headquarters from Lahore to the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Sardar Muhammad Azam Khan Musakhel, the senator said that the Pakistan Cricket Board is a “symbol of the state”, therefore it should be located in the Capital of Pakistan.

The resolution emphasizes that the small provinces feel a sense of less deprivation, and to downgrade that sense, the PCB office may be shifted from Lahore to Islamabad. That will also almost certainly promise to strengthen the federal state. If it doesnt go through, then each province will get a PCB establishment setup in it. From there on in, each province shall represent the PCB on a turn basis, which will be 3 months each.

According to Azam Khan Musakhel, the PCB has 5000 posts, all of which are currently assigned to workers from Lahore. There is 0 representation from other cities or provinces of the country. Therefore, he laid forth the demand that the entire establishment be shifted to Islamabad. A recently concluded investigation showed that the PCB currently contains 530 employees, which include part time and fill time both, from different regions of the country. It is believed that many top post jobs are currently with Sindh representatives. The district and regional staff members are all from Lahore. These are the ones that run the everyday business over there.

The senate debate was a long one and took several hours to conclude. The Leader of the opposition Aitzaz Ahsan too gave his opinions, which were greeted in a very positive manner. According to him, there are many points in favor of the board moving to Islamabad, hence the matter be passed onto the devolution committee for further judgments and arguments.

Chairman of the senate, Mian Raza Rabbani said:

“A lot of discussion has been made here by the resolution mover and I think the subject matter should not be a viewed in isolation. It involves conceptual thoughts and a collective conceptual decision should be taken by all the concerned stakeholders – federation, provinces and the body itself. It would, I believe, serve the cause of federalism in Pakistan if this collective decision is taken and I find no better committee than functional committee of the senate on devolution to look into this matter.”

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was previously known as BCCP ( Board of Cricket Control in Pakistan). It was unofficially formed back in May 1948 and gained international recognition from the year 1952. In the initial years, there was no PCB head office. All the concerned documents and records were kept in a trunk and stored there. The headquarters of the BCCP remained in Karachi until 1972, well, because Karachi was not only the capital city at that time, but the most developed city of the country as well. Karachi also had an international standard cricket stadium. The BCCP headquarters were shifted to Lahore during the tenure of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, after loads of money was invested to build a stunning head office at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. The building isn’t just a headquarter, it is exotically developed and also has an official Test cricket centre.



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