PCB not happy with Asif’s recent statements

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PCB is clearly unhappy with the way Muhammad Asif is taking things after the ending of his ban. The board wants the fast bowler to focus on the rehabilitation program rather than spreading controversial statements regarding cricket and former players.

A five month long rehabilitation program is on the charts for Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Amir and Salman Butt. The tri was banned from cricket by the ICC and their ban ended on September 2. Now the trio will have to follow the instructions given by the PCB.

The trio will deliver special lectures to the plyers od the domestic teams in different regions on spot fixing and other crimes as a help to PCB’s vigilance and anti-corruption committee. The dates for these lectures are from September 2 to October 30.

PCB wants the trio to let the new kids know how bad it is when someone commits a crime and gets the punishment. The trio will also be doing some humanitarian work as well. For this they are advised to visit places like Edhi homes and APS Peshawar.

The trio is also allowed to practice in the NCA when there is no practicing session for the international players so that any unwanted collision doesn’t take part because at the moment anything can happen as far as Asif is concerned. He is on another frequency these days.

PCB directed the three to keep it low towards the media and both Amir and Butt have understood the gravity of the situation but not Asif. His recent interview with a cricket website is causing a stir in PCB as well as Pakistan cricket fans.

Asif looked unhappy with the former players who don’t want to see the trio back in action in the international cricket and said they are former players now and not selectors. They don’t have any role now except to speak words that don’t even matter.

Asif further said that those who are still playing and felt an uncomforted feeling upon their return well I can only say is that it is possible that one day they may be out of the team as well. Cricket is a funny game and anything can happen.

After this interview PCB has been really annoyed with Asif. One of the source in PCB have said that it seems Asif didn’t learn a thing from his spot fixing episode and is continuously practicing the same attitude that he has in the past.

He is not understanding the sensitivity of the situation and should that what he has done will generate emotions and he has to face them all like a man of character. The way he is handling things will not end up good for him.
On the other hand there are some who have said that all this frustration in Asif is because the PCB has not told him about his future clearly. If they want him in the team fine, if not then he should be told clearly so that he may find himself some international league.



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