PCB seeks written answer for December series


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has now officially written a letter to the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) secretory Anurag Thakur and seeks an official response for the India Pakistan bilateral series in December.

In this letter the PCB has asked their counterparts in India that they should keep sports and politics aside and let’s continue with the series. The answer has not been sent back by the BCCI and currently his fate of the series hangs in the balance.

At the very first place it was the PCB who initiated a request to BCCI for a bilateral series between the two nations. Cricket in the two parts is more than a game to watching the two arch rivals up against each other would definitely benefit the two boards a lot.

Before this a few months back it was confirmed that the series will take place in the UAE. BCCI itself was pretty much confident and the statements made during that time frame assured that the games will be played.

BCCI clearly suggested the board has no issues in plying against Pakistan but will be requiring a written permission from the sitting government to precede further in making a schedule for the India Pakistan series.
Then after the things heated up politically between the two governments and some attacks which were started from India near the borders made the series looked under a lot of doubts, now the chances are very low for this series.
This series if happens will be a great opportunity to ease the tension that has captured our minds. PCB has showed no reservations for the series and have welcomed India as well. Now the ball in India’s court and final decision will be made by the.

The extremist groups has already threatened the BCCI to close all playing deals with Pakistan and even the T20 matches which Pakistan will play in the province of Maharashtra will be played in different parts of the country.
As for the players, they too seemed excited about the contest especially players from Pakistan were looking forward for this battle. In the previous 2012 series that had 3 ODIS and 2 T20s Pakistan was able to clinch the ODI series and draw the T20 one.

Now there was another opportunity for the players to summon up their playing qualities against each other in the heat of UAE. Currently the permission from the Indian government looks a lot difficult to come up but the BCCI officials are hoping that the series will be allowed to conduct.

On the other hand the Pakistan cricket fans are definitely not like this game of ping pong for the series, many have stated hard comments of the social media forum. If India is playing games with us then why are the PCB s blind to see them, one fans wrote this on a forum.

Another one wrote the series now looks more like beggary now, PCB is an official board representing cricket in Pakistan so they should stand tall and demand a series and if they don’t get it they should announce not playing with India from now onwards.



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