Peshawar Zalmi makes another huge move in cricket

There is no doubt that Pakistan Super League as changed a lot of things in Pakistan cricket. PSL has made Pakistan cricket grow a lot and there is no doubt in it. Now players from all across Pakistan have an opportunity to come up and show their talent in cricket and get selected in any of the franchises taking part in the PSL. Peshawar Zalmi is one of the most popular PSL franchise. This franchise has taken a lot of good steps towards the betterment of cricket and now once again they have taken another huge one. Peshawar Zalmi is now focusing on the cricket amongst the Madrassa students. Call it the vision which Imran Khan talks about a lot that we as a Pakistani nation will have to stand up and take care of the Madrassa students. They are like our own kids. They are not aliens that we should keep them aside all the time. Now cricket is reaching to these students as well.

It all started with Imran Khan who wanted great reforms for the Madrassa kids. He wants good education for these kids. There are many things which he wants and he has delivered for the Madrassa kids. This is the thing which should have been the thing done in the past. Now the head of the Peshawar Zalmi Javed Afridi has taken an initiative that he wants cricket to be taken to the students from the Madrassa. Pakistan needs a lot of things to be done for such kids. There are many things which even in cricket the people of Pakistan should transfer towards these kids. Recently Peshawar Zalmi has hosted a cricket series in which Madrassa students were given a chance to show up and hit the ball. There is no doubt that there are a lot of talent in the Madrassas as well. The students have a lot of love for cricket and they are making sure that they give in a good representation of cricket.

Peshawar Zalmi will be seen in action in the PSL again. The Pakistani Pathans are mostly a part of this team. There are many good aspects from which the Peshawar Zalmi have taken advantage. Young talent is one of it as well. There are youngsters in the Peshawar team which have played really well in the domestic cricket. There is every chance that in the upcoming seasons we can see that there will be a lot of other Madrassa students coming up and playing the PSL. Pakistan cricket will be given a huge boost as well. One of the students taking part in the series said that this will give a good impression of the Pakistan Madrassas to the West world. He said that a lot of people in the west think that these people are backward and know nothing much about the new world. This is not the case and there is a lot of talent in the Pakistan madrassas as well.



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