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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Coboot powers/manages the website www.crictale.com.

Coboot/we respect the privacy of it’s users and is committed to protect it in all respects. Coboot provides vast range of community services and is the core source of many online sites. All the information gathered about the user by Coboot is the information given by users and the information which is automatically generated while navigating the site.

By using Coboot website or its services, you agree to use the personal information you provide for any of the services offered by us.

User Information

In order to get the best from certain areas of the Site, you are required to give information for registering into the site. You will be asked about your name, sec, email address, age, PIN Code, biometric information, credit or debit card information, password, medical history, and even your occupation and interest etc. The information given by you will help us make the site better and will provide you to get the best experience here.

The information given by user will help the Company improve its serves including the advertising services. It will also help the Company develop new Services.

Information accessible in public domain is not considered as sensitive.

For placing an order on Crictale Shopping area the information shall be used to provide user services. The information used will include user’s name, phone number, email address and mailing address. Note that this information will be collected when a user purchases a product, service, gift certificates or even when he sign up for mail notifications and newsletters.

Users’ card number is stored in a secure and encrypted manner especially the first six and last four digits. These 10 digits together are used to prevent or detect fraud. The initial six digits also tell the Bank name and the country where it was issued.

Not that the main reason for getting this information is customer service, shipment and order processing purposes. We might need to contact you for shipment status or upgrading your order. It will also help the Company to improve services and products.


The Company might use cookies or similar tools in order to get information and assign every visitor an exclusive number as a User Identification. You can voluntarily identify yourself by registering in the site. In other case for improving the responsiveness for you, we will use cookies. There is nothing to get worry about cookies as it cannot get information from your hard drive and the only personal information it gets is what you provide.

Opting out

User can opt out of the cookie ID through the Ads settings. As a result, the browser will be overwritten with ‘OPT_OUT’. Keep in mind that this opt out cookie is not linked with any specific browser.

Log file information

Keep in mind that the Site automatically collects information about your IP address, internet connectivity, and mobile number when you pay a visit. The IP address is the number which connects your computer to the internet. We also automatically get your logging information including your device name, location and your device unique identification or serial number.

Information from other sources

The Company may get information from our partners or third parties and update your account information. This process will help us correct our records, get in touch with you or to fulfil our services.

Demographic and Purchase information

We may use other demographic information and provide you with further targeted promotions. We use Google Analytics as a tool to track user behavior. Google Analytics reports provide completely anonymous information and cannot be associated with the individual information users provide us. If you feel Google Analytics shouldn’t be used in your browser, then you need to use Google Analytics add-on in your browser.

Links to third party sides/ad-servers

There are links provided for other website and applications in our Site. The specific sites and applications have their own privacy policies and we have no control over it. Keep in mind that their privacy policy may differ from us and in case you can’t find their privacy policy, you should contact the site or application’s owner and get the information.

We use third party advertising companies and they may use your information regarding your visit to other websites in order to provide you with products and services which interests you.

Information Sharing

The company shares your sensitive personal information to third party without your consent only when it is required by law or government authority in order to verify your identity. The information might also be given when asked for investigating cyber incidents or for trial and punishment of any kind of offense. Keep in mind that providing this information is only in good faith and belief.

Information security

The Company takes security measures for unauthorized access to or unofficial disclosure and destruction of data. This includes providing physical security of guarding systems where the data is stored and internal reviews of data collection and storage and processing practices.

All information gathered on Crictale is securely stored within the Crictale controlled database. In addition to this, the servers’ access is limited by password, stored behind firewall and is highly limited. However, any security system can be breached and thus we cannot provide you guarantee of the security of our database. Furthermore, the information given by you can be interrupted while being transferred to us over the internet. Also keep in mind that any information you put on the discussion area is accessible by everyone with internet. 

We might change our policies from time to time.  However, any information bagged will be associated with the policy when it was gathered.

Third party advertising companies are used in our site. These companies only use information regarding your visit to other websites in order to provide you with goods and services of your interest. The information used by these companies does not include your personal information like name, address or telephone numbers.

If you have any complaint or concern regarding content or you want to report any abuse of a law or if there is any breach of these terms, you can just leave an email to Mr. Sheharyar Khan at sheharyar (at) coboot.com.

You are requested to provide following information when you present any complaint:

Signature either physical or electronic of the person who is acting on behalf of the copyright owner for the purpose of the complaint.

Identification of the work which is claimed to be infringed

Pinpointing the material on our Site which is claimed to be infringed