Reactions of cricket personalities on Cuttack crowd misbehavior

Display of unhappiness gone too far?


India players sit on the field after the match was disrupted due to water bottles thrown by spectators during the second Twenty20 cricket match against South Africa in Cuttack


It all happened during the second T20 match between South Africa and India in Cuttack at the Barabati Stadium, India. The visitors had bowled the host team clean out at a mere 92 runs in just 17.2 overs. Their second ever lowest total in T20 internationals. And boy oh boy! Did the crowd react to that. Fans fumed and vented their anger out by throwing water bottles from the galleries, not only during the game but also during the innings break. This did more than held up the game more than twice during play, it fumed the cricketing world and quiet rightly so. Here is how a few prominent names from the cricketing world tweeted their disregard out:

The first stop to the game was during South Africa’s chase at 65/3. The players had to pause, sit down huddled near the pitch, far from the bottle throwing for safety.

Following the first stop, game was resumed after 20 minutes only to be stopped a few minutes later followed by a security discussion between match referee Chris Broad and security officials, police and even South African captain Faf du Plessis.

Hmm! Looks like there is a ban on water bottles coming soon.



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