Sarfraz Ahmed faces some tough questions from media

Sarfraz Ahmed and the whole Pakistani team has donated 3.2 million rupees for the Diamir Bhasha Dam. Sarfraz Ahmed today announced in front of the media that the Pakistani team has followed the footsteps of the common people of Pakistan who are taking part in this campaign. Pakistan needs water and this is one of the most important thing to deal at the moment Sarfraz said. He said that there are 16 players who have donated this collective amount. All these 16 players are those who have been selected for the Asia Cup. Sarfraz Ahmed said that upon the call of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar the team has done their part. Sarfraz Ahmed also talked about the Asia Cup and the preparations which the Pakistan team has been making. There is a tough practice going on from the Pakistan team every day. This is going to be a tough tournament for the Pakistan side. They will have to face some strong sides in the event.

Sarfraz Ahmed was asked some tough questions as well. One of them was about his own performances. The reporter mentioned Inzamam Ul Haq’s recent statement that Sarfraz will have to improve his own game as well especially in the batting. He is good but at the same time he needs to get better. Sarfraz Ahmed said that he is trying his best to perform with the bat as well. There are many things which he has to look about his batting. He is making sure that he practices hard in the nets and bat well in the games as well. Sarfraz Ahmed said that it is not like he is satisfied with the batting performances of his. He knows that there is always a room for improvement and hence he is trying his level best to cover the room and improve himself as a batsman. Then Sarfraz was asked about his fitness and weight. Some reports suggested that he was getting over weight.

Sarfraz Ahmed did not like the question a bit. He said that there is no issues regarding his fitness and weight. There was a question asked about a second wicket keeper not inducted in the team for some time now. Sarfraz answered that there is not one big series which the Pakistan team has played for a long time. When there will be a long series played you will see a second wicket keeper taken in the team as well. Now there is no doubt that Sarfraz Ahmed has to work on his batting. This is one area where he is lacking behind the rest. As a captain he is doing a great job. He is a good solid captain who attacks the opponents and as per many fans if the wins are coming regularly then there is no need to point out things at Sarfraz. This is also a solid reason to follow. A win is what matters at the end.



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