Shadab Khan wicket of Hamilton Masakadza

Pakistan takes the important wicket of the Zimbabwean skipper Masakadza. Shadab Khan once again proves his worth with the ball at a crucial stage. This was another wrong one or the googly and the Zimbabwean skipper failed to pick this one up at all. The Zimbabwean are playing really well and they are being taken to the cleaners so far. The bowlers are getting boundaries and Zimbabwe are off to make a good solid total. The pressure will be on the Pakistan team for sure. They were not expecting this hammering in the middle. Shadab Khan has bowled well so far. He has been hit for a couple of sixes in his spell so far but this wicket will boost his confidence for sure. He bowled this one really well. Masakadza was not been able to pick the line and length of the ball here and loses his stumps.

Zimbabwe are batting first on this good solid batting track. There are a few cracks present on the wicket but so far these cracks have done nothing for the bowlers. The ball is coming onto the bat nicely and the Zimbabweans have hammered the ball really well. Mire has hit a fifty and is still at the crease and he is the dangerous man for the Pakistan team. He needs to be out if Pakistan wants to make a comeback in the game. Their bowling looked rusty so far. Amir was really good but he did not pick any wicket with the new ball. Now that a wicket has fallen Pakistan needs to capitalize here. They have to stop the runs flow and make sure the Zimbabweans does not take too many singles and get settle in the middle again. Shadab Khan has to pick up a few wickets more.

Shadab Khan has a really good googly and in a single over he bowls it two or three times. There is always a chance that the batsman would pick him up. On a few occasions we have seen that the batters picked up his wrong ones and hit boundaries against him. On some occasions Shadab has taken success as well. This here is the moment when Shadab Khan did his best. Masakadza as it seems was looking for the ball to turn away from him which did not happen. The ball spun back and he was not in the right position to play this ball. This ball hit the leg stump and there was a lot of room given by the batsman here as well so Shadab had the chance to hit the stumps and he did that. Shadab Khan needs to bowl a few good balls here. Pakistan is looking for more wickets here and if Mire falls it will be a perfect moment for the men in green.



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