Shaheen Shah wicket of Short

Another one falls for Australia and Shaheen Shah picks up his third wicket. This is the first game for the tall left arm pacer and he has done exceptionally well for his side. Shaheen is a wonderful fast bowler and is always keen to perform with the ball in any game. This was a beauty from the fast bowler. Short was looking to heave something on the leg side and was beaten all ends up by the pace on this ball. It was full and straight became the perfect example of you miss I hit. Pakistan are now definitely in the driving seat in the game. Australia will be alarmed with the performance from Pakistan in this match. The batting and bowling from the Pakistan team was exceptional and they made sure that Australia does not get away like they did in the last match thrashing Pakistan with a big defeat.

Keep in mind that this is the first game for the pace bowler. He has not played in the first three games and for him it was a tough call. Coming out to replace Hasan Ali in the final pool game and then hitting such a good performance is really appreciable towards Shaheen Shah. He is an exceptional talent and Pakistan is definitely very lucky to have a fast bowler like him. He is tall and got a really good pace as well. On top of all this he is very thinking cricketer. He picked up important wickets here. The first one was Finch then Maxwell and now Short. All these three batsmen are some strong hitters of the cricket ball and they could have damaged Pakistan’s cause in the game but now they will not as Shaheen has made them vanish from the ground here.

Short was a good wicket again for Shaheen. The left hander wanted to hit a boundary. Now Shaheen here did not panic and that is the key here from his whole bowling performance. He does not panic and keeps hitting the right line and length. The room was given here and as a result Shaheen had all the stumps to aim at. He just ran in and hit a straight line and length. The batsman was beaten by the pace here. The ball did not do much but it was the pace which defeated the Australian batsman made him saw his stumps flying around. Third wicket for the pacer and surely he has once again proven the fact that he is a really good talent pace bowler who should be in the Pakistan team. Shaheen needs to be there in the bowling for Pakistan. He is handy arsenal in his own and having a bower like him is always good for any team in any format of the game.



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