Shahid Afridi brilliant hitting against Zimbabwe

Shahid Afridi has played a lot of good innings in his cricketing life. There is a series of good performances with the bat from the Pakistani all-rounder in both domestic and international cricket. He is one of the biggest names in the world of cricket internationally and in Pakistan as well. Shahid Afridi here can be seen batting against the Zimbabweans. Now back in those days Zimbabwe used to have a competitive side. They had some good experienced players who did a good job in cricket and even defeated some really strong sides. There was a time when Zimbabweans were known to be the giant killers. Pakistan was batting first in this game and the Zimbabweans bowled brilliantly right from the start. The wickets started to tremble for Pakistan and soon there were five men down under hundred runs. Now that was a very crucial moment for the Pakistan team in that particular game.

Shahid Afridi came to the crease after Mohammad Yusuf was caught and bowled. He did hit the ball powerfully but failed to hit the ball properly towards long off. The ball went straight back at the bowler and he took a really good catch. This was not an easy catch at all but full credit to the bowler who put his hands in the right position and snapped the ball. Afridi came and he did not look at the wickets column it seems. He never did for that matter. He was mostly criticized during his playing years that he never looked at the situation of the game. He was always there inside the ground batting in the same manner. Coming in hitting the ball hard. Sometimes he succeeded in his efforts and then there were times when he totally failed in getting some good solid scores. But one thing is certain he never changed his playing style. He was always a natural hitter of the cricket ball and he always tried that with the bat.

Now here Shahid Afridi came in and straight away he picked up a couple of runs on the first ball that he faced. It was the start of the show. It was his day and every time he hit the ball it went for a boundary off course keeping the idea of hitting the ball towards the fence in his mind. The Zimbabwean bowlers tried their best to take the all important wicket of Shahid Afridi but they failed. They were not been able to pick up his wicket and by the time they did he had done his job scoring a blistering 85 runs with the bat. This innings from Afridi gave his side a total to defend against the Zimbabweans. The bowling was strong from the Pakistan team and as a result they were able to defend the target and win the game. But Zimbabweans surely put Pakistan in pressure at one point in the match.

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