Shahid Afridi’s daughter’s death news galloping social media fake

Shahid Afridi’s daughter’s death news was the sweeping statement which hit the internet and social media last night and this once again would have put a father in under a lot of trouble. The problem with social media news is that nobody goes to the source and accepts whatever is given as a news feed.

It just started within no time and there is hardly any person who would exactly know about his source who broke this false news about Shahid Afridi’s daughter’s death. As per this fake news Shahid Afridi’s daughter became ill and was hospitalized and she did not survive.

It just popped up somewhere over the social media and within no time, the news spread like a Z-war virus. All the news related to the death of Shahid Afridi’s daughter are fake and absolutely absurd. There is a limit to everything and one should verify the source before throwing the news in to the world of social media.

Shahid Afridi, who is already under a lot of pressure due to his poor performances in recent T20 events were just not enough that now he has to face this fake bomb which has been dropped on him. Apart from being an international cricketer, he is a father as well. There should be some sanity used before writing down such fake and false news.



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