Shoaib Akhtar revels about match fixing in Pakistan team

Match fixing is something which has haunted the Pakistan cricket for a long time. The first case of this mess came out in public in the 90s when there were a few sports journalists who broke stories about match fixing in Pakistan team. Soon these news spread like wild fire and the players got into trouble. Now in the 90s Pakistan had some really big names playing in that team. Many of the players were fined and given ban as well. Saleem Malik and Atta Ur Rehman were handed life time ban. But fixing never stopped in the Pakistan team as well as around the world. It is not only Pakistan cricket team which has fixed games there are foreign players involved in this mess as well. Shoaib Akhtar is one of the cleanest players in the history of Pakistan cricket. He had his discipline issues but one thing is certain that Shoaib was never involved in match or spot fixing. As per him there was a time when he used to play fixed matches and he never knew about it at all.

Shoaib Akhtar was present in a sports show where he was asked a lot of questions. Few of them were regarding match fixing as well. Now one thing the readers should bear in mind that this channel whose sports program Shoaib attended has a very bad and negative influence. Most of the Pakistanis don’t like this channel as they have always been throwing negativity about almost everything in Pakistan. One of the people commented on this interview that match fixing now does not happen and it has ended years back. Now there is no need to discuss this issue. Now there is a point in this question as well. Why to dig old graves now. The current cricket has a limited issue with spot fixing. Match fixing is not near to impossible now a days in cricket. You cannot hire a full cricket team to fix matches for you. This does not happen now a days. The issue now is spot fixing for which you need a few players even one could do the job.

Shoaib said that there are many games which were fixed and he used to play those games thinking about them as normal matches. He was later told by a former player who used to play with Shoaib that those games were fixed. Shoaib said that it was hard for him to believe because he never thought that his team will defy him or the country. Shoaib said that he did not play many test matches, 47 to be exact and yet he has been given a lot of respect by the Pakistani fans and even cricket fans across the globe. He said that he did one thing and that was to never betray his country at any cost. He said that he always played for the pride of Pakistan and his fans and look where he is now.



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